Hall Architects

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In its purest form, design is problem solving. Client need, program, budget, schedule, as well as a broad range of other criteria, serve as parameters for the development of a building. Add to this the desire to produce an architecture that aesthetically enriches our community while elevating the quality of life for our clients and those that use our buildings results in a complex set of requirements that must be addressed.

HALL ARCHITECTS utilizes a rigorous design process to achieve a balance between disparate project development criteria that are often at odds with one another. Given the complex and technical nature of the data that comes into play, HALL ARCHITECTS engages experts in the fields of engineering and allied building arts to provide requisite input in the process. The design process is collaborative in nature with Architect, Owner, Contractor, and specialists all contributing toward project success. The Architect’s role in this team is to be the creative leader, establishing and maintaining open and effective communication, and coordinating the efforts of all participants.

The HALL ARCHITECTS design process is cyclical in nature. The tools that are used to further the process include diagrams, renderings and models, written descriptions, technical drawings, and technical specifications. Each tool is used at different times in the process with the expected outcome being clear and effective communication of ideas that leads to the development of an architecture that is responsive to the full range of functional and aesthetic goals.