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We spend the majority of our days inside, sheltered from rain, the heat of summer, and cold winds of winter. The spaces we inhabit are not only defined by the structure and envelope of the surrounding architecture but by the materials, colors, details, and furnishings that fill them.

HALL ARCHITECTS takes an active role in the design and development of the interior environments for all of its projects. Our outlook is interior design is an essential part of every project and integral to the architecture itself. From this point of view, Interior Design is not a process of overlay and decoration, but rather the creation of specific and unified spaces.

At HALL ARCHITECTS we strive to develop a unique design concept for each client which binds together the macro and micro scales through a careful use of material, texture, color, light, and form. We work collaboratively with our clients to identify their needs and define the qualities of successful solutions.

Our interior design projects span from corporate and commercial to custom residential. Our office is able to provide assistance from custom furniture design or specifying commercially available furniture and finishes for localized areas within a building to managing an interior build out for an entire building, regardless of scale.