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Residential design is both pragmatic and deeply personal. While we aim to create environments that enhance personal experiences, we also endeavor to understand and incorporate the unique and individual lifestyles of our clients, their daily habits and routines.

What makes a house a home? A house is a building that provides shelter and refuge. A home moves beyond this by providing a central stage where dreams play out for the people who live there. What is it then that elevates a house to the higher plateau of being a home? The answer is very personal and different for each of us. HALL ARCHITECTS is passionate about getting to the essence of this issue. We integrate spaces and architectural elements to define the culture of family and society.

The HALL ARCHITECTS residential portfolio illustrates projects where form, space, and detail are integrated into the native landscape, to articulate a sense of home. Form and function are harmonized. The designs are balanced with energy efficient technologies, hurricane protection, and low or reduced maintenance materials to fashion homes that are both beautiful and functional.

HALL ARCHITECTS residential portfolio ranges from new luxury waterfront villas to smaller remodeling and renovation projects. Regardless of size, we are committed to helping our clients create and refine their own definitions of house and home.