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PA AA26003955

Seagrape House

The architecture utilizes natural ventilation and light; doors and windows open to the garden. A clearstory staircase functions as a “chimney” ventilating the warm air and drawing in cooler air.

Honesty of material has been stressed throughout the design. Exposed buff colored concrete block, wooden screens and expanses of glass are the vernacular of this architecture.

A six-foot “trapion” wall constructed of native Florida limestone that is quarried less than 20 miles away, provides shade and privacy to the interior garden and mitigates adjacent road noise.

A “Green Screen” consisting of three different flowering vines is incorporated into the southern façade to mitigate temperature while allowing filtered light into the interior spaces.

Twenty-five existing palms remain on site, with a few being relocated to accommodate the building footprint.

Rainwater is collected into a 15,000-gallon cistern to augment a drip irrigation system during dry months. A 14-foot lineal waterfall, falls into a solar heated pool, creating white noise to produce a tranquil effect.

The planting pallet utilizes 80% native, salt tolerant plants appropriate for planting near saltwater. A roof-top garden surrounded with plantings of Sand Cordgrass offers privacy and views to Sarasota Bay.

Pool Area
Seagrape Axo 3
Seagrape Scene
Seagrape Scene
Seagrape Scene
Seagrape Scene
Seagrape Scene