Hall Architects

PA AA26003955

Wabi Sabi House

The Wabi Sabi House sits on the backwater of South Creek in Osprey Florida, on a large lot filled with cabbage palms and Australian pines. . As potters and dealers of midcentury modern furniture, its ascetic of unfinished block, exposed formwork, and clear galvalume siding are a testament to the client’s appreciation of material and craft. Materials are left in their natural state as a way of expressing the process and “hand” of the builders. Much like the fingermarks on a hand thrown vessel, the wood grain of the forms is impressed into cast-in-place beams, as is the regular mark of the form ties. Cypress ceilings, and cork and plywood floors brings a warmth and depth, which serves as a counterpoint to the armature of masonry and concrete holding the living and working areas up above the base flood elevation.

Seated on a large site, the living quarters and the separate pottery studio are pushed to the edges thereby creating a bounded open area in the middle which rolls down to the water. Each interior space borrows from this space to expand its sense of openness and connection to the exterior.


AIA Florida Gulf Coast Chapter Merit Award for New Construction, Residential.